On Writing

Author's Note: "On Writing" is both this little tab on my blog which conveniently links to all my blog posts which are specifically about writing and the pursuit of craft, and is also the name of my tumblr home: On Writing, which is just a little more active than my blog, because it allows me to reblog excellent writing tips and experiences from other creatives as well as my own.

Another note: As this link list grows more extensive, I will categorize and arrange it for easy navigation. :)

Why Write About Writing?

"This" ~ The Night of a Writer

Casting a Novel ~ Faceless Figures

40+ Prompts: How Well Do You Know Your Character's Family?

Casting a Novel ~ Scenery Characters

Villainous Villains of Villainy Part II

Villainous Villains of Villainy Part I

Writing to the Music

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