Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stepping Back, and Stepping Forward

Well, well, well, best-laid plans and all that (yadda yadda)

As I've been posting about for the past several weeks, I did choose a new platform and begin the set-up process of a new blog, and I may well soon go back and really get it off the ground. However, in doing so, I came across quite a handful of unexpected cons to beginning a new blog on said-platform.


I'm not going to. XD

At least for now. I know, I know. Trust me, I am facepalming and headdesking myself to death over here. But I think this is best, and will work for what I am hoping to achieve. :)

However, and as you may have been able to work out by the header image I've used, I am beginning a new Tumblr host home for my blog. The link will remain in the icon on the right side of this blog, and I'll also leave it for you down below. Tumblr is a huge site, with an avid following that doesn't appear to be going away any time soon, and I see it as a good opportunity to get my writing out there, get some readership, achieve community, give support, and everything I have been wanting to do since I started out on this journey oh-so-long ago. :D

All of which is to say:

Good News! I'm not going anywhere! ;)

Other and Even Better News! You can now follow me on Tumblr!

There's really nothing to follow yet over there, but I'll be copying some of my better old posts to the Tumblr site, and then new content will be going up on each. I will be linking articles I post here to my Tumblr, but it will also be full of randomness in writing hints, tips, problems, pains, cartoons, and etc. from other Tumblr users. Stay tuned!

I'm leaving the url open to non-tumblr users, so if you ever want to drop by and don't have an account, you will be able to do so unhindered.

((Also, yes, anyone who noticed: I did change my url and blog name. Part of the reason I started this whole "should I move" scenario was because Transcribing These Dreams in a lot of ways, simply doesn't fit me anymore. I love it, but I'm moving on. This blog and associated Tumblr will be run under the same name I live and write under.))

As always, thank you for reading,

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