Monday, January 2, 2017

Movin' On Up, to the East Side...

We're moving!

After a lot of time, and a lot of thought, I've decided that the truth is, Blogger just isn't where it's at anymore. Pretty much no one uses, reads, or really even remembers dear ole' Blogger.

So, Transcribing These Dreams is officially moving! And I'm so excited about it! I'm looking at sites and formats for now, but I hope to have some concrete progress put in by tomorrow. I will, of course, be certain to drop the link as soon as I have the new place set up. We'll have a big welcome bash and everything. :D There might be cake, or a give away... or something. There'll definitely be something. ;)

Thank you so much to all my readers who have followed this blog - past, present, and future. Now it's time to keep moving forward, and I look forward to doing it with you!

most sincerely,

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