Saturday, December 31, 2016

It's Our Time, Coming Through...

Here's to us, who's like us?

Happy New Year, everyone, from this blogger. Not much went on this blog in 2016 because so much was going in my personal life. Here is to a better blogging year, here's to the future.

Here's to 2017. ^_^

Up to us, pal, to show 'em.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Talents Guild, a Long Beginning Part I

Today I'm just putting out some info on possibly my longest-running, most all-consuming, most consistently-problematic, bestest-favoritest-pet project of all known time. Actual work on this project has been off and on and back off again for the past four years, with an extremely rough first draft finished, and tentative edits begun on (hopefully) a much more cohesive second draft. But it's been a slow road.

However, this story is by far one of my most beloved, and hopefully one day will grow to become one of my best. In a perfect world, it would be my best. I think I'm going to try getting back to some serious work on it, and keeping a sort of accountability journal updated here on my blog. So, without further adieu, the first in hopefully many installments on a theme...

The Talents Guild

A Long Beginning...

The Talents Guild is a novel I began probably five years ago, and it began as a dream, during the time when I was obsessed with a book series by Donita K. Paul, called the DragonKeeper Chronicles.

In the books, there are wizards who manipulate all kinds of things found in nature, but most mysterious and focused on, through the eyes of the heroine, Kale, are the "ight wizards, of which she is one.  The light wizards have the capability to, among many other things, manipulate light to the extent of weaving portals, illuminating dark places, and even providing hope. They're a lot more complicated than that, but it's been a while since I read the books, and it's that foundational idea I'm going to focus on.

I love those books - haven't picked one up in what feels like a century - and it's ultimately from them, as well as my then-just-budding interest in superheroes, that I got my inspiration for what would become TTG.

I woke myself up in the middle of the night after having this dream, and was able to alert myself enough to its epicness (ha, or so I imagined at the time. Dreams are weird, ya know?) to grab a notebook from my nightstand and scribble it down before falling back to sleep. It would be years before this little scrap of paper would be rediscovered as the inspiration for TTG, but when I finally found it again, I remembered those humble inklings of beginning and was ecstatic.

Also, in starting this blog post, I went looking for said-inspiration and at first only found this...

Upon further digging, I unearthed the original dream scrawl. There isn't much there.

Sun: the first(?) in a series called “The Talents Guild”
About a boy with a light talent. Kind of like Kale Allerion, but not. He can see 'threads', 'beams' of light and 'pull' them, directing them. I have this scene where he and his friends are planning to help captured dragons. (I'm thinking that the boy is from our world and super-smart, studies light, heat, and their effects.) He says, “Well, in my world we have this game called American Eagle.” Next scene is this thing where they go back and forth over these made-enemy dragons, carrying light orbs which they break on/over the dragons. (This rescues the dragons from being mind controlled or whatever) The new dragons join them and help...but where is all this going?*
*There were words in hastily, vehemently scrawled ink shouting about "TTG THAT'S WHERE IT'S GOING TTG OHMYWORD THIS IS IT" after I found the dream notes the first time. XD

Well, now. Ever so many years later, that dream has turned into.. something massively and completely different.

  • There are no more dragons. At all.

  • Light orbs??? Nope.

  • No epic war between nations.

  • Sadly, no wizards.

  • Also, it's a sci-fi piece now, and not a Wardrobe Fantasy.

Basically, it's an utterly separate story altogether. That boy in that dream was the first time I met a character named Zander Hardinge, aka Flare.

And it was with the help of Flare, a girl I only knew as 'Renny', a now-defunct writer's forum, a television show called No Ordinary Family, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe that introduced me to what is now the world of The Talents Guild.

(And I was going to tell the whole "origins story" in one post, but I hate long posts, so I've broken this in half. Part II is on the way... )