Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Please Pardon the Dust of Progress...


Hello Reader,

I know the readership of this blog has never been particularly large, and that is mostly due to the inactivity of the writer. I'm not just the most conscientious blogger on the face of the planet, but I do definitely miss it, and as my career as a writer is branching off in new, exciting, and - okay - frankly downright terrifying directions, I want to keep you updated and involved while keeping a sort of record for myself. (Like a blog is supposed to do, imagine that!)


Rather than saying "I'm going to" or "I will try" or "well my hope is" let me offer you these words instead:

1. This blog will be seeing a lot more activity in the very near future.

This blog is currently undergoing some minor-to-major adjustments and changes as far as format, activity, content, and intentions. While I of course intend to stay true to the statements set out in the "About" section of this blog, I'm going to allow myself to branch out a little, have some more fun, relax a bit. Stop being such a stuffy-face writer peering at the world from over my glasses and instead, dig down deep and get into the core of writing, reading, and adventuring.

I don't know exactly what that means you can be expecting, but rest assured, we'll soon be finding that out together. :)

2. You'll notice a few extra pages being added to the bar at the top of the blog. 

They're pretty self-explanatory:

A. The all-new Book Reviews page will consist of a concise (and, eventually, categorical and alphabetical) list of the reviews hosted on this blog, along with pretty little thumbnails (coming soon) of those books and movies and etc. so that you can easily peruse them to your heart's content and at your very leisure.

I've been meaning to add this feature for quite some time, but it's finally there!

*cuts ribbon, throws confetti*

B. The About Writing page is just exactly that - I do try to keep some things simple. On this page you will find a (hopefully comprehensive) list of all the articles I have posted on Craft, on creating stories. I will also add add links I have used and recommend from other writers with their own information, discussion, and tips on writing. As always, feel free to check out the recommended blogs and websites listed on the side of the blog: they've got some even better gems on building your Craft there.

I hope to be adding more pages once I've got these up and running effectively.

3. There will likely be more exclamation points. (!!!)

"Okay, what, why?" you say. I hear you. I'm not an exclamation point kind of person. I don't like writing with them. What I mean by this, mostly, is that I intend to have more fun and invite you to have more fun with the blog as we go. I'm okay with just spilling my thoughts into the void, especially when it helps me work out a problem, but I one-hundred percent would rather this be an interactive journey. Community means so much to me.

So then,

If you're feeling a little down,
Or maybe a little unsure about your writing,
or your future,
or you goals,
or whatever it may be,

Join in - let's do this together. We're not meant to go it alone.

I look forward to what this next year means for me personally, for this blog, and for all the beautiful people I am able to meet up with along the way.


In the meantime, seriously, pardon the dust, it can be a bit messy in here... 

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