Friday, May 13, 2016

An Open Letter to the Verbally Upset dc Talk Fans

Look, guys.


For just a second here, okay?

What with the build-up and announcement, dc Talk has been all over the web and the airwaves, and I've heard some back and forth about it all, but it wasn't until I was over on the dcTalk personal page that I discovered how many people are shamelessly bashing these men for everything from the object of their announcement, to the supposedly improper handling of said-announcement itself. And...I'm flabbergasted. Appalled would, here, be a better word.

So, honestly:

I get that you're disappointed there is no full length album on the way. I get that a cruise is not the same thing as a world tour, with the same accessibility. I totally understand that you were hoping the band was coming back together for the big times, for truth, and yes indeed it would have been heaven on earth.

But, please. Chill.

Toby and the others have said for years that there are many reasons they haven't done anything as a band since they parted ways oh-so long ago. Can we not be happy for them with this huge opportunity they were presented with and accepted? Can we not love the fact that our favorite trio is able to take this on? After many silent years with brief intermissions of cameo appearances on stage at each other's concerts, and on each other's albums, this. is. HUGE. And exciting.

"This is a give back that we wanted to do -  we wanted it to be intimate and special. More intimate than an arena tour could ever be. It embraces what we are doing and what we did. We are excited about both. Who knows what the future holds." 
~dc Talk to The Christian Post

I adore and respect these guys and their work - soooo much - and I am absolutely ecstatic for them because this really is fantastic news, and they seem so happy and excited, they obviously wanted and expected us to be happy and excited for them and for us too, and why shouldn't we be? There were no promises made leading up to the reveal, and if they'd just been like, "oh, yeah, we're performing as a band on this cruise" we would have demanded more fanfare. Does this post, this opinion, mean that I'm going on the cruise myself? (*moment of uproarious laughter*) Yeaaahhhh, no. Not. I wish, but this is sadly not in my future.

"After 16 years of silence, we are thankful there are still so many passionate fans!
Someone came to us with the idea of Michael, Kevin and I getting together on a cruise and we thought, "That would be fun and it would be intimate, way more intimate than an arena tour could ever be.”
We've said "No" to coming back together so many times, but this time we finally said "YES". It can be so challenging for us to all get together with our families going in different directions, and our own bands, and their families.
We are sorry it is not everything you wanted. We would never want to let any of you down."
~TobyMac's public statement

These guys are obviously really enthusiastic about this happening and what it means for them, and just as obviously hurt that their fans have taken it the wrong way. They are even apologizing and they shouldn't even have to. How petty are we to demand something more of them? So, again: chill. Good grief.

Support them, Jesus Freaks.

Be the die-hard fans you have claimed to be all these years.

Stop giving the rest of us a bad name.

Be proud.

Stand by your band.

Take a minute to be thrilled about what this means for the future.

This is amazing and miraculous news, and there is no room here for your disdain.


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  1. I hadn't heard about this but that is really cool. (And it's sad people aren't taking it graciously.)