Thursday, November 6, 2014

Character Bios: The Sponsor & The Friend


Puck Ebrin is a disgraced Air Jump sponsor from Lares whose team won the Crown the year the current Proctor of the UTC came to power. Puck's wife and child died of plague when the medicine that should have been available to them was stolen—a crime Puck was then accused of committing. When scandal connected this theft to Jumpers and cheating, he left the sport and renounced all ties to the winning team. Puck disappeared into obscurity, resurfacing only to sponsor the eleventh-hour team Nim joins.


Annwyl Annod is a decorated Jumper and an avid follower of the sport in all its dirt and glory. She's a streetwise girl from Lares, a planet known more for its stunning vistas and classy vacation homes than its urban aptitude. Eager to share her knowledge of Air Jumping's best-kept secrets—including some things others might be keen to leave in the past—Annwyl takes the younger Nim under her wing, despite the fact that they're on opposing teams. Along the way, this shrewd Jumper teaches Nim a thing or two about 'the world' and 'home'.

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