Monday, October 27, 2014

What is 'Air Jumping'? & Character Profile: Nim

Nim Sequanna is the main character (MC in novel lingo) of my NaNo, Air Jumper. Nim is tall and slim. Her hair is a dark brown, about to the length of her shoulders, with red hues in the highlights. Pale skin. Bright eyes that are green in color.

Nim loves Air Jumping almost more than anything else. To her it is life and breath. It gives her a special connection to her mother—a Jumper who died in a racing accident when Nim was small. Her love for the sport is so great that she is willing to abandon her family to pursue the fame and glory that a championship can bring her—something she believes her mother was wrong for refraining.

Her father Jurard and younger brother Arcus live with her on the rainy UTC planet Charybdis. Her father is primarily against Nim's fascination and aptitude with the sport that stole away his wife, even though Hester Sequanna was the one to instill that love in both of her children. Arcus is his sister's number one fan and constantly works with her to convince their father that she knows what she's doing—whether or not that's actually true.

Despite education and a zeal for knowledge, Nim quickly figures out just how naive she is before she even makes it offworld. By the time she realizes she's not ready for the challenges ahead of her, it's too late to go back.

What is 'Air Jumping'?

Avoiding the details of all the different obstacles, rules, course sets, team types, politics, etc. that I've been feverishly figuring out, here's the basic info on this sci-fi sport:

At its very base form, Air Jumping is parkour. It is a sport, or a discipline, primarily engaging the upper body of its participants, relying on arm strength and agility in jumping and leaping.

The idea of each course is to simulate different obstacles that the participants must out-maneuver in order to reach their goal. These obstacles might be stationary or mobile, creating impressive challenges each Jumper overcomes. A good Jumper is any individual with stamina, agility, strength, composure, and speed—and most commentators on the sport will agree that these traits should come in that order of importance. Any Jumper can be fast and able but wear out within a few obstacles, and a calm Jumper can lose sight of the bigger goal when time is of the essence. Every Jumper approaches the sport uniquely and studies have shown there are a variety of pros and cons to each technique.

Air Jumping was developed slowly over the years from its original urban art form until it reached its current height in popularity. From the street level 'free jumping', to the streamlined racing recognized by modern spectators, Air Jumping is a sport which branches through dozens of planets and multiple systems.


  1. Sounds fascinating! I'd love to read it :D Are you planning on publishing it, or just posting it to ApricotPie?

  2. :D I'm planning on keeping this one under wraps, I think, with the hopes of finding a publisher. I might be persuaded to lend it out for private critiquing at some point in the future, though... ;)