Friday, October 31, 2014

Character Profile: Kio (and) "The Edsetera"

  (Kio and Nim)

I said I'd be posting some character bios this past week, posted Nim's and then forgot to ever officially write up ones for my other characters. So, here's a list of short bios for some of the major players. I might, over the course of the month, post some more.

(*note: UTC stands for Universal Treaty Confederation, which is what I'm currently calling the big government running most of these planets, but the name will probably change.)

(Kio's mask)


Kio Mobrique is an Edseter from the Ripple, one of four terraformed planets in the same reach of space as the UTC but not part of the treaty. Kio was rescued at a young age from plague by a stranger's kindness and was later recruited by the governing powers of the Edsetera to find an Air Jumper who would speak on their behalf at the Victory ceremony of the Cup. With lungs badly damaged from his brush with death, Kio wears a respirator mask to help him breathe. Kio is the assistant to Puck Ebrin and becomes personal friends with Nim.

A Note on the Edsetera:

Generations ago, before the creation of the UTC, it was decided by certain scientists and governing powers that they would attempt to terraform seven worlds in their reach of space whose systems could hypothetically support life if some key elements were supplemented or changed. The result was four “successful” terraformed worlds: the Mirror, the Ripple, the Aper, and the Echo.

Soon after, transports were sent to these worlds with colonists whose job it would be to cultivate and inhabit these brand new earths. The colonists faced the hardships of pioneering their way in a brand new, harsh land, as well as disease and illness caused largely by the side affects of the terraform process. Over time however, those colonists who survived began to thrive in their new home—and to change.

They adapted. Like the people of Earth have adapted to thrive from deep in the desert to the tops of mountains, these people's very biology slowly realigned to enable them to survive: Their skin became thicker. They lost bone mass. Their eyes changed shape and color. Their skin turned gray. Their lungs were bigger. Their limbs longer. The colonists had children, and those children had grandchildren, and then great grandchildren.

No one really knew what to make of this people, this new breed of human that was developing. People ceased looking on the colonists as ordinary people like themselves. They were 'aliens', as mysterious and dangerous a race as any unknown out in the wide, wild universe. Soon they came to be called the Etcetera. The other. The rest. The added 'something similar' that was not quite the same.

Because of this, the Edseter worlds were not adopted into the UTC when it was created, and this left them open to attack from pirating spacecraft. They were the very outcasts of society. Only one world, the Aper, has succeeded in joining the UTC and at great cost to the little planet, which is still considered somehow less than its sister planets, inhabiting a sort of No Man's Land between the Edseter worlds and the rest of the UTC.

In the time leading up to Air Jump, the Edseter have been contriving ways to receive the recognition and protection of the UTC and their attention now falls the the Air Jump races and the Crown as a means of letting their story be told.


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