Friday, January 17, 2014

Why Write About Writing?

Why write about writing?

It's not that I'm saying “Look here, I've got this down. I know the answer.” Instead, it's because I'm trying to figure something out. Trying to piece together a puzzle.

If I do a post on villains, it's because I'm struggling with one of my own. If I start ranting about any subject at any point in time, it's because I'm either excited or troubled over it.

So I start writing about how I go about writing. Sounds pretty funny, but it helps. It's talking myself through a problem, or channeling my enthusiasm into actually getting something done.

I'm sure I'm not the only writer who paces about, whispering things like “So then they  have to get they jump off the would they survive jumping off a cliff? Maybe there's a marshmallow bog at the bottom! No, that's all sorts of ridiculous...and it doesn't tie in with anything else...” and on and on. That's how I solve the puzzle.

On more than one occasion I'll be sharing a problem with a friend and discover the answer before I can get around to asking them for help. I'll interrupt myself, backtrack, and then beam hugely at them while they try to comprehend what's so grand about the nonsense I've just uttered.

So why post these writings about writing?

That's a bit different. It's because I want to share the answer.

A lot of my solutions aren't helpful for everyone, but they help me, so they might help someone else. And if that someone else happens to stumble upon my little blog and get a dose of inspiration...well, I couldn't be happier.

And if someone points to what I've said and says 'Um, that's all sorts of ridiculous', I'm not bothered. I love to discuss it with them because, probably, it is all sorts of ridiculous and sometimes the solution isn't as grand as I thought it to be—in which case, I'll want to change it and make it better. I'd rather listen to someone else ramble about their writing than myself any day of the week.

I think a lot of people believe blogging to be a one-way conversation and that's just not how I roll.

So if you're ever wandering around this little blog and spy some ridiculousness happening, you're always welcome to point it out because I want to hear your opinion.

That's why I blog.

That's why I write about writing.

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