Friday, November 22, 2013

NaNoWriMo: Week the Third

In word count, this third week has been excellent. If this were an ordinary NaNo year for me, then I would have already won. (I got my 50k in at 11:00 on Thursday night.) Wonderful, yes, but I still have another 20k needing to be written before the month is out.

On the other hand, TTW has progressed at a breakneck speed that leaves no time for anyone (character, writer, reader) to catch a breath. There is still so much that needs to happen. As usual, I now find myself forced to skim over a lot of areas that I simply don't have time to write.

Add to that the sparking of an unexpected romance, characters ending up right where they started, and one particular character who can't decide if he's good or bad to the point that his intentions are even confusing to me...Well, you can see the trouble.

I'd worried at the beginning of the month where my plot was, and if I had enough. Now, I'm pretty certain I have too much.

Oh, and did I mention I still haven't figured out the ending?

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