Saturday, November 30, 2013

NaNoWriMo: 70K

At 11:51 on Saturday, November the 30th, I wrote my 70,000th word. That sounds quite epic and exciting—a real close call—until I add that it was am, and not pm. Now, the story wasn’t finished at this point, but I was writing the last bit of the climactic scene at the end, so I knew that it would be a small matter to finish the scene and tie everything up nice and neat and tidy.

My official 'validated' word count on the NaNoWriMo website is a little over 72k, but I'll need to finish wrapping things up this evening to consider it done. I'm writing the final scenes of the epilogue, and I can't want to write The End.

Congrats to all the NaNo writers out there who have achieved their goals! Whether you wrote 50k or 100k or 2k, be proud of yourself. The curse of the writer is not writing, and every word is a victory to us all. I know the game isn't over until midnight tonight, so good luck to those of you getting in your last words! (Here's hoping the NaNo site doesn't crash at some point, as it usually does...)

Until next year, then! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

NaNoWriMo: Week the Third

In word count, this third week has been excellent. If this were an ordinary NaNo year for me, then I would have already won. (I got my 50k in at 11:00 on Thursday night.) Wonderful, yes, but I still have another 20k needing to be written before the month is out.

On the other hand, TTW has progressed at a breakneck speed that leaves no time for anyone (character, writer, reader) to catch a breath. There is still so much that needs to happen. As usual, I now find myself forced to skim over a lot of areas that I simply don't have time to write.

Add to that the sparking of an unexpected romance, characters ending up right where they started, and one particular character who can't decide if he's good or bad to the point that his intentions are even confusing to me...Well, you can see the trouble.

I'd worried at the beginning of the month where my plot was, and if I had enough. Now, I'm pretty certain I have too much.

Oh, and did I mention I still haven't figured out the ending?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NaNoWriMo: Week the Second...ish

So, this post comes a bit late, but honestly! I've been very hard at work! Okay, so I've been mildly working at a slightly-more-than-normal velocity...But it's been difficult.

My word count is not quite up to speed, but nothing to be concerned about. (I have 37k when I should have a little more than 39.) The story is going smashingly, and I somehow still love it. Ordinarily by this time in NaNoWriMo, I absolutely hate my Project. By this time next week, ask me again, and I'll have a different answer. But I'm enjoying my enjoyment while it lasts.

What I have not been enjoying is the fact that the 'M' key on the computer I use to write has decided to be a real pain. It only works when you hit it at a certain angle, and that of course is the opposite angle than the one I normally hit it at. *sigh* (And that's aside from my old computer's power problems, and the fact that it clicks and pops and whirs the whole time it's on.)

For those of you who are a bit curious about this story, feel free to visit my NaNoWriMo page here, or check out all the cool pictures and quotes for inspiration that I have here.

I dearly hope NaNo is going well for the rest of you out there, as I know that this is the part of the month that is so often the most difficult to get through. The elation and the emotional writer's high has faded and we're left only with the grueling task of writing, writing, writing. My advice, lots of caffeine and sugar. Don't worry, you're clever; you can come up with smart answers to your dentist's alarmed questions in December—blame it on something you had for Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 8, 2013

NaNoWriMo: Week the First

Ah, so it comes to the end of our first week in NaNoWriMo.

Things are going pretty well in this corner of the world. My characters are fascinating me, and the story is moving along at a nice pace. My biggest two troubles are that I neglected to do any hard writing yesterday and a several hundred words behind for today. Guess what I'll probably be doing at twelve tonight? The second trouble is that fact that my 'M' key on the computer keyboard is not working as well as it should and so I am continuosly going back to fix words that are misspelled.

All in all, Week the First has gone well this year. I'm looking forward to next week.

Beside my NaNo itself, I've been keeping a little writing journal in a separate document. I keep track of the word count goal, where I'm at, and how much I write each day. Also I've been recording story plot events, my favorite scene of the day, my favorite bit of writing of the day, something that happened 'in the real world' for each day, and what I'm looking forward to the next day. I keep the entries pretty brief, because I want to focus on the writing.

Here's an example from the first day of NaNo:

Day 1

How Many Words Today: 2,810
Word Count Goal: 2,334
Complete Word Count: 2,810
Favorite Written Bit Today:
Kar Gunt read again over his shoulder.
Heron slammed the book shut and let it fall into his lap. He glared at his prison guard. “You need a hobby.”
Favorite Scene Today: Heron’s first meeting with Creature.
Note to Self…: Should really have written more to get ahead in word count.
Current Favorite Character and One Reason I love them: Creature (or Flee) the cat. I knew I wanted Libre to have a pet or mechanical one, but I did not expect Creature, and I love the humorous bit of tension he adds to the story.
A Lesson Learned: The word ‘unfortunately’ is hard to type when you are not looking and in a hurry.
Story Plot Points: Introduction of Kar Gunt and mention of Reise’s leaving of the village and the members of the Company.
…In Life Today: Orchestra day, which means a long day and a hard one to get any writing done. It was lunch time before I wrote a single thing. Got to see my sister.
Got Through Today With…: The idea that it was only the first day and I have plenty of time left to write. Also pizza. And skittles.
Hoping for Tomorrow…: A much larger word count for the day to set me ahead. I always like to have that cushion I can fall back on if needed.

Hope everyone else's NaNo Projects are flourishing!

Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013~ Day the First

Well, lookee here! It's November the 1st! First day of NaNoWriMo and I have gotten little done as of yet. (My word count is currently under a thousand and needs to be over two thousand. *rolls eyes*)

Really, I'm not too apprehensive. Not yet at least. It should soak in nicely by mid-afternoon tomorrow. 70k? No sweat, right? Right.

Even after all my planning, I still had no story outline until just Wednesday. I spent most of the day writing it up and was pleasantly surprised by how little I had to fill in once I plotted out the order of events on paper.

On a slightly less enthusiastic note, I still don't know how the story is supposed to end. Also, there is every chance in the world that the outline I have so painstakingly labored over will be of no use to me within the first five days of the marathon. My stories tend to be like that.

Good luck to you all, fellow writers in this endeavor.  I hope that whatever fabulous midnight kick-start parties you have planned go fabulously. And for those of you who do not plan to start writing on the stroke of midnight, here's hoping you get all the sleep you'll need for the next month because this might be your last chance to get it.

Happy November 1st everyone!