Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Last Storming & The Turq Wars

September ended rather sooner than I would have liked. And while I'm disappointed that I didn't finish editing The Last Storming before October, I am glad to see how far the story has come.

The Last Storming, where it stands right now is approximately 37,000 words in length. (After some major cutting of lengthy sections from NaNo...)

There are still gaps in the information, chinks in the armor if you will, but the holes are being slowly patched up as best as I am able to do so.

Even though the story still needs work from where it stands now, the time for editing has passed, at least until December. For this month, my writing goals are set on world-building, character-building, and plotting for this year's upcoming NaNoWriMo Project: The Turq Wars.

The Turq Wars promises to be a fascinating tale—we'll just see if it lives up to that promise. Sequel to TLS and another exploration into the steampunk genre, I'm excited about the open world of possibilities here, as well as the rather uncommon elements to be included.

TTW happens partially inside the city from the last novel, but half of the story is played out on the ravaged plains of an African-esque countryside. That's right. Lions and rhinos and elephants—oh my! :D

This amazing mechanical cheetah was created by the genius of Andrew Chase and it, along with some of his other creations, inspired The Turq Wars into existence:


  1. I want to read TLS and TTW both! I hope NaNo goes wonderfully for you... though I just realized this week that NaNo2013 begins on a Friday... *cue kettle drums and ominous-sounding brass instruments*. I'm still trying to form a game plan for getting a good start in spite of orchestra (a plan that doesn't involve faking a major illness : P ). Do you have one yet?

  2. When/if TLS and TTW are fit to be read, I'll make sure you get copies. ;)

    Yeah, I've been thinking about that too. I'd love to keep the 'stay up until midnight' idea, but that's a terrible hour on a Thursday night...So, suffice it to say that there's no plan as of yet, but ideas are being hastily crafted, discarded, and crafted again. XD