Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Save the Jewels of Anniera (or) A Story Finds Its End

Hullo, all!

I am here (once again) to tell you about my favorite author/singer/songwriter on the face of this wide, green earth and of the absolutely wonderful Christian Fantasy he has been creating for us over the last few years.

A tale that is soon to find its ending.

(Best bookstore ever...)

The Wingfeather Saga consists of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, North! Or be Eaten, and Monster in the Hollows. Due to the spoiler-effect it might have on those who have yet to read these fabulous treasures (and if you haven't, you must), I'll not say here what the title of the upcoming fourth book is.

I regret that I've not been following author Andrew Peterson as closely as perhaps I much as I should be of late, or this post would have come a whole lot sooner:

(Beware the Toothy Cows!)

The Wingfeather Saga, now being published by Rabbit Room Press, is in the final stages of a terribly exciting Kickstarter Campaign for Book Four's upcoming release. For those who pledge their hard-earned cash towards helping the book along, a whole passel of extras are being added to the package. (Including pre-release digital copies of Book Four, signed copies of select books, hardback editions, exclusive illustrations, and more. Lastly, the two I'm most excited about: audiobooks read by the author himself, and your own copy of Pembroke's Creaturepedia!)

I can't tell you all how much I am fan-girling over this series right now. It's probably not healthy...

I encourage all of you to read these wonderful stories, as well as help raise funds for the fourth book over these last few days—while simultaneously getting your hands on all the fabulous extras to reward your support!

Teaser for Book #4:

Rallied behind [spoiler], the [spoiler] of Anniera, the people of [spoiler] are prepared for war. But high atop the Killridge Mountains in Castle Throg, Gnag the Nameless broods over dark secrets, and those secrets may prove more than a boy, even a [spoiler], can bear. 
While Leeli, Podo, and Nia, fight to save [spoiler], [spoiler] and [spoiler] strive to overthrow the Fangs of Dang and liberate the long-enslaved people of Skree. 
But [spoiler] and [spoiler], will be driven into darkness to face a nameless evil (that has no name). Dragons will rise. The Jewels will shine. And in the end, a [spoiler].”
(Okay, I just could not resist doing that.)

Seriously, though, check out the Wingfeather Saga. You won't regret it!

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