Monday, October 7, 2013

Many Happy Returns!

Wow. Do you realize it's been one entire year since the first post on this blog? The Novel Season: November was published October 7th 2012, which makes today...

Transcribing These Dreams' First Official Birthday!
*noise makers go off*
*throws streamers and glitter in the air*
*hands out cupcakes*
*kazoo chorus buzzes 'Happy Birthday'*

I didn't know what I was doing when I started and—surprise, surprise—I still don't. But it's been so great this first year. I've learned a lot about blogging, reviewing, and writing in this time and I hope TTD's second year has just as many lessons in store!

So now I'm going to share some boring stats, because this is the only time I get to do so:

Followers: I have, to this date, 8 wonderful followers! Thank you all for making this much more fun!

Posts: 48 posts! This crushes my original hope of having one post a month. :D
* 20 book reviews (not including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and counting Floors and 3 Below separately). This is probably twenty percent of the books I read this year--and none of the classics I read ever got reviewed!
* 18 writing articles—basically just me ranting about the things I've discovered in the hopes that it will somehow be helpful.
* And 9 'other' posts, about owls and books and writing contests and the like.

Page Views: A whopping 2,629 page views! Isn't that fantastic?

Most Popular Post (besides book reviews): 
NaNoWriMo: Week Two and a few extra days... Viewed 111 times.

My Favorite Post:
Ah, this would have to be Far-Fetched Fairy Tales: The Goose Girl (originally posted under the title: 'Friday's Tale: The Goose Girl'), mostly because of my ridiculous rendition of the fairytale and the even more ridiculous original. And also because I love Shannon Hale's Books of Bayern series.

My Favorite Book Reviewed: I have to go with the most recent: The Runaway King.

Favorite Blog Images:
I just love this picture of Bo, the Barred Owl we rescued. It's a grainy photograph, but you almost see the expressions on Bo's face as he peers up at the camera. (From the post Hospitality for a Feathered Friend.)

I found this one on Pinterest, and just love it so much. The little astronaut in his pajamas, reading books up by the moon. (I used this one in the post A Day in the Life of a Bibliophile.)

Some Interesting Factoids:
1) When Google searches for my name, this blog and my ApricotPie account are the first results—which isn't saying much, but it's cool seeing my name at the top of any Google search. :D
2) TTD's Audience: According to my Blogger stats, the country with the second most views of my blog besides the United States (which has 1,341 page views) is Germany (at 171). They are followed by Russia(153), China(136), UK(102), France(54), Canada(53), India and Poland (tied at 29), and Ukraine (at 25.

3) Lastly, my blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award! (post upcoming)

(I just thought this was an amusing picture.)
The Best is Yet to Come”
Paul Colman

Oh come hear a story, oh come gather friends

I'll tell you a tale, though is isn't done yet

You saints and you sinners, you daughters and sons

The best is yet to come...

So lift up your glasses, yeah raise them on high

Here's to the failures we're leaving behind

Cheers to the future, 'cause it's just begun

Oh the best, oh the best, oh the best

The best is yet to come!

Yeah, this is our story, but not where it ends

As long as we're breathing, it isn't done yet

Let's toast to the battles we haven't yet won

Because the best is yet to come...

So happy first birthday, Blog!