Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Review: Kenny and the Dragon

Title: Kenny and the Dragon
Author: Tony DiTerlizzi
Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Rating: 5

Kenny and the Dragon is a wonderful, light-hearted, endearing tale of a little hare and a big dragon. DiTerlizzi, author of the acclaimed Spiderwick Chronicles, is a talented author but I enjoy his illustrations even more. (He is my current favorite artist after Justin Gerard, who illustrated such titles as the Wingfeather Saga, The Secret Zoo books, and a new novel Through the Skylight—review pending.)

Kenny, the hare, is an inquisitive, bookish, science-loving boy in the town of Roundbrook. Grahame the dragon (like the cracker, but with an ‘e’), is a bookish, furry, goat-like dragon who has taken residence up on the Hare family’s hill. Kenny and Grahame quickly become fast friends and spend much of their time together in fun activities, reading new books, and experimenting with fire balls and hiccups.

When word gets around town that a ferocious devil-scourge now creeps in upon their borders, the country folk and townspeople take up arms, and the king calls in his best dragon-slayer, St. George. Tension mounts as Kenny, the dragon, the Hare family, and some friends plot to save Grahame from the dragon slayer, and the dragon slayer from Grahame, with the townspeople being kept in the dark.

I loved, just loved, reading this little book—one of many in a fast-growing stack of library materials—and passed it off to my younger brother for his enjoyment. He returned it the next day. Beaming.

It’s a simple and sweet story of fun and friendship and I highly recommend it for reading. Kenny and the Dragon finds that happy medium where it is completely enjoyable at any age, which is the best way for a story to be.

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