Monday, March 25, 2013

Of Apricot Pie

It has recently occurred to me that, on my nice new writing blog, all personalized and shiny, I've not actually posted any examples of my own writing. Pretty silly of me, don't you think? Anyway, I shall endeavor to remember this in the future and share with you some snippets, short-stories, and poetry in posts right here at Transcribing These Dreams. However, for the moment, allow me direct your attention to one of the coolest resources for homeschool writers (and homeschool graduate writers):

Apricot Pie. is a community constructed for homeschoolers especially designed for sharing writing projects such as essays, poetry, and stories in the making for editing, comments, and the general enjoyment of their peers. It also allows friends and family a chance to see what we/they/you have been up to.

I would strongly suggest you look around at the various authors present at this sight, most noticeably the 'Monthlies' (Monthly Writers, whose duty it is to post at least once a month...sometimes we fail at this.) There's a lot of great stuff there for your perusal. Fellow writer friends of mine you'll probably hear a lot about from this quarter in the future can also be found on this site, if you know where to look. (Example: fellow Blogger, Mary--whose Blog, The Writer's Lair, you'll find on the side bar here.)

On the other hand, I feel I must strongly caution you when you look at my own writings. The earliest story posted is my Original. The very first novel attempt I ever began, completed shortly after my first 'completed' novel, which was a NaNo. This story is not at all something I'm proud of, and though I've considered refurbishing and editing the old chapters, I've not yet done anything about them, and they are still there for all the world to see. It's really not a good story, or at all well-written, but as my Original Novel, it does occupy a rather dear place in my heart. :)

My current serial however....

(Please note the above art is a mere compilation of internet images I made for my own enjoyment. No copyright infringement is intended.)

Island of the Kahts, is something I've not yet been distanced enough by time and experience to become embarrassed over, so I encourage you to look it up if interested. The story of a group of adventurers sent on a mission to a mysterious island to seek out dangerous monsters, Island of the Kahts is a light-hearted adventure story, something of a novella.

Hope you'll have a chance to pop on over there and look up some of these fascinating writers with their prose and tales! Enjoy.


  1. Agh... this has just reminded me how unforgivably long it's been since my last AP post - and me a Monthly at that! Gotta get on that.
    Tell you what: next time I see you, bug me about it to make sure I've done it. Deal?

  2. I've only recently returned to posting myself on a regular basis. (Note to self: Bug Mary about AP in the future... ;)