Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Week One

Day One was uneventful and lacked the usual NaNo surprise of ‘Hey, see that character over there? Yeah, the one you don’t even give any name to. They’re actually the hero of the entire thing. You’d better get the naming books out fast.’ I was perfectly cool with this and managed to get a good head start on the next couple of days. Word Count: 3,570

On the evening of Day Two, I sat down on the couch with a yellow duct-tape covered notebook, a pencil, and some old crayons I’d managed to scrounge up. I set to writing out a timeline based upon the birth and subsequent years of my villain’s life. The third attempt worked out rather nicely and I discovered that, by employing a sideways method, one can use the spaces of a lined notebook to represent five or ten years and have room then to add in the details around the edges of the timeline itself. (My plan was to use two spaces to equal five years, but I ended up botching that and didn’t feel like redoing the entire thing again.) Word Count: 4,362

The third of November rolled through with little incident and I began to wonder where all the action I had planned was vacationing and when it supposed it might be making a return trip. I also began to wonder about all those nifty gadgets one can find for displaying their word count on their blog. Word Count: 5,746

The Fourth, I finally was able to introduce Saint, a madman living in the depths of my novel's city, Lieshellyk. Saint is a fascinating character with a fascinating history and I can't wait to write it all out and see what happens. I also used a little lullaby I had written. Word Count: 6,872

November 5th almost passed by before I realized I had yet to set something on fire. While I started randomly setting the home of one of my MC's neighbor's on fire, I had a sudden brainstorm about the reasons behind this fire, having do to with threats issued from my villain to the man who owned the house. The owner, a man named Salvador, had questions about some of the top gurus in the story: namely, the villain himself and his followers. The villain threatened him but Salvador didn't stop. I've yet to decide whether Sal set the fire to destroy papers and information he had on the bad guy, or if the bad guy set it himself to be rid of Sal, but either way, Sal was arrested for arson and treason. I alos got to introduce Darvis Lieshellyk, the Founder of the city, and the grandfather of one of my MC's, Heron. Word Count: 9,686

Day Six, I really didn't write much at all, but was able to introduce the best friend of my other MC, Reisoni: a girl whose name is Maewyn, or Mae, for short. Word Count: 10,400

Day Seven, today. Honestly, I've not yet written a thing. (I know, shame on me.) However, I do my best writing in the evenings, so my word count for the day rarely gets in before supper time.

Fellow NaNo writers, how's it going for you? Interesting plot developments, unexpected characters jumping in on you?

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