Friday, November 30, 2012

Crossing That Bright & Beautiful Finish Line

Happy NaNoWriMo Literary Abandon Day! (Which should be an official holiday, if it is not already.)

Not-Quite Final Word Count: 51,891 words! :D

(A different processor explains the difference in word counts, as this one claims I have almost 58k... :P )

I must say, I've been writing in a rush the past couple of days--not so much to be able to get my word count in, but so that I might be able to cram as much of the story into the ending. I've had to scrap and shorten and rearrange into an unsatisfactory order many of the epic scenes I've been longing to write since the initial ideas for the story came to mind about a year ago. But that's alright, there's always editing.

Oh. And did I mention my NaNo has a sequel? That's right, introducing next year's planned novella work: The Turq Wars! I plan to, over the coming months, post every once in a while on the world building, character building and plot building which I hope to accomplish before this time next year.

Anyone else finished NaNoWriMo yet? What's you end Word Count (whether or not you've actually finished)? Planing to Novel with us next year? Share your thoughts in the comments, and have a great day and a great First of December!


  1. Good job, Kay!! :D *Throws glitter in the air* Congratulations on finishing Nano!

  2. Congrats! :D I'm thinking of doing NaNo next year, but I'm not sure. I'm usually pretty busy this time of the year...