Friday, October 12, 2012

Writing to the Music

For this year's NaNoWrimo, I've been scrambling to gather decent writing music, grabbing some of my favorite movie soundtracks and band singles which relate to the story. I've found several songs to be themes for my steampunk-ed novel this year, and have made folders in my music files for 'intense', 'gloomy', 'sad', or 'happy' songs to write to.

With several of my other tales-in-the-works, I've found various music themes that match up to characters, plots, or just the general feeling of the story. Rock music, I've noticed, is generally good for darker characters and scenes. Slower music, such as ballads or Disney Movie soundtracks, work especially well when crafting the softer edges of the story, or for quieter characters. For example, I use a lot of music by Andrew Peterson for more whimsical stories, Owl City and Chris Rice are generally what i listen to for the happier episodes, and Day of Fire plays well when I'm either writing action scenes or anything from a more grim, sad character's point of view.

I've found it extremely interesting to choose music from a wide variety of genres when crafting a story I don't know much about, and the music influences how the story twists and turns. One character I think might be a gloomy type becomes exceedingly optimistic when and friendly when paired with scores from Disney's 'Meet the Robinsons'.

As a lover of music and of story, it thrills me to be able to listen to the music I love while I pound out a story on my keyboard.

Some fellow writers enjoy classical, others country or pop, and still others discover a need to write in the quiet and the still.

Soundtracks from movies such as 'Treasure Planet', 'Hugo', 'How To Train Your Dragon', 'Eragon', and 'Star Wars' are among my planned listenings for the fast-approaching month of November. They are joined by singles from the likes of Switchfoot, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Robbie Seay Band.

(whether you are planning a NaNo this year or not) 
What do you like to listen to as you write? 
What inspires you, and how does the music you listen to influence your writing?

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  1. I love listening to soundtracks while I write too! But I also listen to Celtic Women, Josh Groban, and some Michael Buble. :)